Causes and effects of rural to urban drift

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International Journal of Population Research

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Rural-Urban Migration

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But error and time have been the hungry constraints to the topic of this project work. The causes and consequences of rural to urban migration. In many countries, particularly in third world countries there is a noticeable pattern of rural to urban migration.

This pattern of. people drift into the urban centres from the rural areas; it is against this backdrop that this paper examined the causes and effects of rural-urban migration in Borno state with particular reference to Maiduguri Metropolis.

THE CAUSES AND EFFECTS OF RURAL-URBAN MIGRATION: A CASE STUDY OF EGOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF EDO STATE policy makers and the government to see the need to formulate policies for integrated rural development to check rural-urban drift in Reviews: 7.

Effects of Rural to Urban Migration in Urban Areas Unemployment: Increased movement of people from rural areas results in a surplus workforce in the urban areas.

In this regard, many of. people drift into the urban centres from the rural areas; it is against this backdrop that this paper examined the causes and effects of rural-urban migration in Borno state with particular reference to Maiduguri Metropolis.

Effects of Rural to Urban Migration in Rural Areas. Reduced agricultural production: The migration of able-bodied individuals from rural areas to urban areas results in a reduced rural workforce and decreases in agricultural productivity. This affects food security because most agricultural crops are grown in rural areas.

Causes and effects of rural to urban drift
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The Effects of Rural-Urban Migration on Rural Communities of Southeastern Nigeria