A overview and characteristics of mexico

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Mexico country profile

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A reliability government initiative, the National Neatness Program, was launched at the end of the s to study to counteract this development and revitalize historical policies. Mexico is a country with great problems and great potential.

It is rich in natural resources, like oil, silver, copper, and agricultural products. But political and economic failings have kept much of the population in poverty. The Mexico-United States border is the largest economic divide on Earth.

Mexico manufactures and exports the same amount of goods as the rest of Latin America combined. Foreign trade is a larger percentage of Mexico's economy than any other large country. Mexico's No. 1 export is manufactured products. It also exports silver, fruits, vegetables, coffee, and cotton.

Mexico is the 13th largest exporter in the world. Inthe United States received 81 percent of Mexico's exports. Trade with the United States and Canada has tripled since NAFTA's signing in The official name of Mexico is Estados Únidos Mexicanos (United Mexican States).

[4] A Mexican tamale called the zacahuil is three feet long and weighs about pounds. [3] The largest wildcat in North America is the jaguar, which can be found in Mexico's southern jungles. The Mexico economic freedom report includes the population of Mexico, GDP, corruption, business, trade, inflation and data and analysis on its economy from the Index of Economic Freedom published.

Most scientific research in Mexico is conducted in the public universities, mainly in the National Autonomous University and the Autonomous Metropolitan University, both in Mexico City.

The National Polytechnic Institute, also in Mexico City, is the foremost research institute in engineering and technology.

Economy of Mexico A overview and characteristics of mexico
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